SONGDRINK Playlist 7–26-2019

Jeff Oxford
I Forgot Why I Love You So Much
Jeff Oxford, Jessica Hunter

DESCRIPTION/COMMENTS: Love song performed as a waltz.

Brent Godfrey
The Night is Darker, Just Before the Dawn

DESCRIPTION/COMMENTS:   This is an example of a Kompoz collaboration that I joined on lyrics and vocals.   The project was then “spun" with a different mix by the slide guitar player.    The song is about the Hurricane, Reuben Carter.    Kompoz allows spin off’s of collaborations if granted by the creator.

Jim Wood
Can We Start Over Revised

Description/Comments: Music is a YouTube backing track with an acoustic blues guitar in a Woody Guthrie style. Just a light hearted song about a rekindled romance. 

Roy Miller
Frail Columbia
'piphany Rambler

DESCRIPTION/COMMENTS: I've got Neil's music in my spiritual DNA. This song started with a lick that was inspired by that sound. As this song developed there were many attempts to make it sounds like something else... I tried to do my best, but I could not.

Dave Z
Too close to call

Description/comments The song is about a guy walking to his motel in the
city, who meets an active shooter in the ally up the road. The story is fictional and
was inspired by the many shootings in our country today. Video and audio, quest
house studio.

Jeff Oxford
Waiting With You
Andy Furlong, Jeff Oxford

DESCRIPTION/COMMENTS: Early rendition of another love song.

Brent Godfrey
Dance the Elements

DESCRIPTION/COMMENTS:   Latest in progress song project.  Brent Godfrey - piano, vocals;   James Fraser- Bass, Low Whistle;   Derek Barlas - Electric Guitar,  Lap Guitar.    Thinking of adding some female backing vocals.    Need to redo the vocals.

Jim Wood
Going to the Nude Beach

Description/Comment: Blues number from YouTube backing track.