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SONGDRINK is completely free and hosted by musicians.

A club for people who make music. 
We share links to our original recordings at our Zoom Music Nights.
We meet using Zoom software and listen together then discuss.

Songwriters, singers, musicians, producers, technicians, agents, etc. 
If you helped create an original song, we want to hear it.

All music styles. Let's mix it up! We encourage diversity.

Newbie to Pro. Seriously all skill levels encouraged. We like it fresh!

Song making is more fulfilling and productive with interaction. 
We share knowledge, experiences & laughs. 
You might meet a writing partner or a band mate.

Members can submit one ORIGINAL songs per month (no covers). 
Members submit links to their songs or videos hosted on sites like SoundCloud, ReverbNation,, YouTube, etc. 
SONGDRINK never has possession of your original files.

Each month SONGDRINK compiles song submissions into one Master Playlist. There is no "audition". The list remains private until the event when it is released to members. 

Computer or phone (computer preferred for larger screen) Headphones/earbuds. (Good headphones are best to hear the mixes.

The moderator will introduce a member. 
We all visit their link and play their song or video. 
If you like, promote your skills by including lyrics, photos, credits or announcements on your musician page.

No fees and no donations.
We do this because we are musicians and enjoy making music.

If you have no music to share, you are still encouraged to attend and participate.
Members don't always have music ready but usually have much to share.


WHILSON    Listen To My Music ->

1. Wrote my first lyrics only seven years ago
2. Started making music in GarageBand on my iPhone
3. Work in Logic Pro X on a MacBook Pro
4. Play some acoustic guitar & drums
5. Use a Rode NT2 microphone with an M Audio interface
6. Often buy used equipment so I can try it and sell it without loss
7. Have written and recorded 100+ songs
8. Very intimidated about preforming live
9.  Often work with my regular writing partner, a singer, or a musician
10. Love vintage equipment and own a 1933 Gibson Kalamazoo
11. I am a regular at the Grand Rapids Songwriters Association (GSRA)
12. Launched SONGDRINK with ambitions to go viral

Jeff Oxford    Listen To My Music ->

1. I’ve written and recorded lots of songs (in the low hundreds)
2. I use Logic Pro X on a Mac
3. Record with a FocusRite 8i20 audio interface, good mics & plugins
3. I recently started working on videos to go with the audio recordings I produce
4. I always cowrite, often with multiple collaborators
5. I play guitar as my primary instrument but can play a little bit of piano
6. I’ve won a couple songwriting contests with my collaborators
7. I help run the Grand Rapids Songwriters Alliance

Cody Ketchum    Listen To My Music ->

1. Wrote my first song when I was 16
2. Was in an acoustic duo for a few years
3. Usually I make rough demos & record final songs with more talented producers
4. My songs are usually simple in terms of music, I focus more on lyrics
5. I have written a solid 50 songs so far
6. Used to play live but have been doing it less and less recently
7. Have been nominated for two “Jammie” awards 

Dave Z    Listen To My Music -> 

1. Wrote my first song in 2017. The song is “in the heat”
2. I played in a band called Blu Fuse for five years in Tucson Arizona
3. Moved back to Michigan in April of this year for health reasons
4. Was inspired by Bob Wilders the rhythm guitar player and song writer in our band. 
5. All my songs were recorded with Mixcraft recording software at Quest House Studio, Tucson Arizona
6. I started playing guitar after high school. My first guitar was a Gibson Les Paul Junior red and worn
7. I’m working on setting up a home studio; have a computer that is good, haven’t decided about the software, leaning toward Mixcraft because I have experience with it
8. Have more songs in the works, hopefully I’ll be able to record more soon.

'piphany Rambler Arlo d'Olivine  Listen To My Music ->

1. I've been writing music since I was a teenager in the 90s
2. I've been attempting home recording unsuccessfully on and off for just as long
3. I first found "success" last year when I broke down and bought Cubase
4. I play all my own instruments
5. I'm still finding my voice
6. I have one half-decent microphone: an AT-4033
7. I used to play bass in several bands and I miss performing live
8. Recently moved to GR

Brent Godfrey

1. Wrote my first song in the early 80’s
2. Was in a new wave / punk bank briefly in the 80’s
3. Started recording songs in the 80’s on a Fostex X-15 4 track cassette recorder
4. Took a long break from music in 1997 when I moved to Grand Rapids from Owosso.
5. Got back into music in 2008 as self therapy.
6. Started recording songs again using a Tascam Digital Workstation
7. Discovered the Kompoz music networking website in 2012.
8. Now using Focusrite saffire pro 24DSP audio interface, Logic Pro X, Audacity, and DSP Quatro. 
9. Have written more than 100 songs
10. Have released 4 CD’s (so far) with my Kompoz collaborators
11. Use for CD duplication which has no minimum orders
12. Play occasional open mics to work on my stage fright
13. Sing and Play keyboards, guitar, and ukulele
14. I build my own cigar box guitars, license plate guitars, and banjos.

Doug Roossien 

1. Soundcloud 2011-2019 over 65,000 listens, 3,380 comments
2. Doug Roossien music poetry  View -->
3. Went to Nashville in 1987 &1988. Didn’t know how close I was. I saw writers sleeping on church benches. I didn’t sing my songs for the next 25 years.
4. Two file cabinets full of complete songs and song ideas (NEED PRODUCTION) but money is tight. Will co-write and work with musicians. Open to younger successful artists to cover my songs.
5. Have written professionally unique and tight songs since 1988. Should have stayed in Nashville, 
6. Featured dozens of times at local 'Open Mics', this was the year, 
7. I bought my first new guitar since 1974, with the intent of gigging.
8. I write lyrics to music I can identify with such as ballads. I have to feel a chemistry